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Using specialist paints and techniques to make worn out UPVC fittings good as new, with improved appearance and durability for a fraction of the cost of a new fitting.

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Painting UPVC windows and other UPVC fittings is a cost effective alternative to having new fittings installed, with a quick turnaround and long lasting results.

Over time the colour of your UPVC fittings can begin to discolour and weaken, making them more susceptible to damage. Not only does this look unsightly, it also means your home isn’t as well protected from the UK’s harsh weather conditions as it once was. Before you begin the expensive process of replacing your UPVC fittings, you ought to consider renovating them with the help of our innovative spray paint system.

Painting UPVC windows, doors, soffits and more is a great way to revitalise your UPVC fittings appearance while also giving them a new layer of protection by using specialist paints. We only use Kolorbond paint on UPVC fittings because, unlike other paints, it actually bonds with the plastic to create a durable coat that’s resistant to flaking, so you can have good-as-new looking doors and windows for years to come.

By painting UPVC windows and other fittings with spray paint technology, we can guarantee a smooth finish, free of brush marks, available in a variety of finishes. When choosing a new colour for painting your UPVC windows and fittings, it’s important to consider what colour will look best against the bricks of your home. Black and grey coloured fittings are very popular due to how much they compliment red bricked homes, creating a sleek and modern look. But if you’re after something more unique to you, the Kolorbond paints we used can be matched to almost any colour, giving you plenty of options.

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