5 Quick Kitchen Design Ideas You Can Make Without Renewing Your Kitchen

5 Quick Kitchen Design Ideas You Can Make Without Renewing Your Kitchen

Let’s face it, full kitchen renovations and renewals are downright expensive. What is more, they can take several days to complete at best, inconveniencing you all the way.

So how do you handle that much-needed kitchen redecoration without having to renew your kitchen?

Well, here are five quick kitchen decorating ideas you can apply to your redecoration plans without having to renew your kitchen.

#1. Replace Your Sink and Counter Tops

Everybody who has moved into a new house knows the sink and countertops can sometimes be in poor repair or not to your taste.

You do not have to throw away the whole kitchen in those instances. What you need is a change of sinks and countertops to give your kitchen a new and modern look.

So, if you need a short-term upgrade, new sinks and laminate countertops from your local decorator will do the trick.

#2. Paint The Walls and Cabinets

Painting the walls and cabinets of your kitchen is one quick idea you can add to your list of kitchen decorating ideas.

It is possible to grow bored of the colors of cabinets or even the kitchen walls. When this happens, you only need a couple of cans and primers to make it your place happy again.

Whether darker or brighter colors, make sure whatever colors you go with not only transform your kitchen look but that the walls complement the cabinets as well.

#3. New Appliances, But Stay Basic

Yes, getting new appliances can absolutely spice up the look and feel in your kitchen and should be on your list of kitchen decorating ideas worth trying.

But be wary of going overboard in a bid to get the latest and fancy models of kitchen appliances.

Since you are not looking to renew your kitchen, you should consider staying basic with your choice of brands and price.

#4. Extra Lighting Is a Must

Are you looking to make a big impact on the look and feel of your kitchen? Loose the boring and dark set-up and get more lighting!

There are tons of ways you can get creative with your lighting without breaking the bank, and your local decorator and electrician can help you.

Halogen bulbs, overhead lighting, and spotlights can be installed in dining areas, over worktops, and under cabinets.

#5. Add A Touch of Elegance with New Decorative Accessories

You can never go wrong with new decorative accessories. Accessories well placed in your kitchen can complete the look of elegance.

Plants and flowers, whether they are faux or real, will give your kitchen an uplifting look in an instant. A big clock on the wall can spice things up as well as tell time.

What is more, if you want more personality on a budget, you can hang art on the walls of your kitchen.


So, these are some of the quick kitchen decorating ideas you can make without having to renew your kitchen.

Some of these steps are easy to do and will cost you little or nothing to pull off. And if you need professional help, you can always contact your local decorator.